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Trends Amp is an amazing product
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TA-10 Class-T Power Amp
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TOPIC: Trends Amp is an amazing product
Trends Amp is an amazing product 13 Years, 7 Months ago  
Here's what music lover is saying about Trends TA-10.2P Power Amplifier: "I have attached a pic of my system, its small. But it packs quite a punch. The Trends Amp is an amazing product, if I had one bad thing to say, its so small that the cable weight tends to pull the amp back on my shelf. A Team Canada hockey puck solved that problem very nicely!! Its always amazing when someone new sits down in front of a stereo that is not part of a home theatre system, and really listens. My new girlfriend had never heard anything approaching my modest system. And she asked my to play some (sorry its wrong i know) pan flute music. She asked where the third speaker was as the panflute seemed to be coming from between the speakers. I gently explained to her this is the way its supposed to Going back to the Amp, how do they do it? The sound is rock solid, you would think there is not way that the quality and amount of music it produces comes from that small box. I admit I have not listened to a quality stereo for a long time, but this system I have put together is doing it for me. As always Omer, your products are great, and the advice even better." quinlan at;p=219758#p219758
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Re:Trends Amp is an amazing product 13 Years, 2 Months ago  
Thanks ! You are welcome to submit your review of Trends Audio products in this forum. Hearing is beleiving !
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