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PA-10 Tube Headphone/Pre amplifier (Editors Review)

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Editors Reviews | Users Reviews

2013-10-01 Image Marcus Downey at “…pretty robust and durable”
2013-08-26 Image Paul Dmitryev at “... a very good choice.”
2013-04-11 Image Fabio Barbato at “... The listening experience has been very pleasant.”
2013-02-22 Image Yago at “... with good sound and all at a price (265 euros) "affordable"”
2012-12-18 Image 野村at "... want to enjoy better sound”"
2012-07-03 Image S. Andrea Sundaram at “…. flexibility, combined with well-executed circuitry and very respectable build quality”
2012-03-16 Image Lieven Vranken at “…the sound stage is very spacious, transparent and airy and you get a very clean sound”
2012-02-14 Image John Alex Hvidlykke on Gear Magazine in Denmark "... Trends Audio PA-10.1D is an amazing little amp that's perfect for the office facility”
2012-01-05 Image Nick Whetstone at “…. I would say that it is worth spending the extra money for it.”
2011-10-15 Image Greg May at “…. . "'s hard to ar­gue with two in­puts in a tube amp for un­der $300"
2011-04-20 Image Gerard Rejskind in UHF High Fidelity Magazine Canada “…. with solid percussion and rich cellos and double basses.”
2010-10-27 Image Martin H. Sabag at in Hebrew "צליל: גבוהים, נמוכים, הפרדה, נקיון ועוצמת הווליום. הצליל חם יותר ונעים יותר לשמיעה
2010-10-27 Image Martin H. Sabag at in English " Warmer sound more pleasant to hear...."
2010-08-10 Image 梁淑欣 at《AV雙周 》 “膽耳擴從基本玩起 Play from Basic…”
2010-05-29 Image Nick Douris at “Trends PA-10, Tremendous value-for-money…“
2010-03-22 Image Bohus Blahut, in U.S.A “The PA-10 brought a dramatic difference…”
2010-03-06 Image Matej Isak, in Austria/Slovenia “Trends Audio PA-10 is a mighty machine.With it's open, dynamic and involving character it will give hours of listening fun”
2010-02-05 Image Rolf-inge Danielsen, Fidelity Hi-Fi Magazine in Norway “Trends som i tillegg til å være rimelige og kompakte også låter godt !”
2010-01-29 Image 音響專家Kan Keung, 《e-Zone 》 ““iPod 膽機聽得很Classic…Trends Audio PA-10膽細聲大”
2010-01-27 Image 音響專家劉達仁,《電腦廣場PC Market 》 “Trends PA-10膽色….讓擴音機本身多了一份發燒味道”
2010-01-20 Image Andre Marc at “…the sound was very enjoyable…The PA-10 is offers users on a budget a fun and versatile piece of equipment”
2010-01-18 Image Korean Version at “a micro-system of separates, it should certainly be something to consider…”
2009-12-01 Image Steve Hui, Apple Daily Newspaper, "發燒音響, iPhone膽味濃…"
2009-11-15 Image Roger Kanno,, "I heard the same bold, luxurious sound when... plugged into the PA-10 SE's headphone jack."
2009-11-08 Image Eitan Abar at " הסט נשמע טוב ואף יותר מכך. לא אכחיש שעבר אצלי ציוד יקר שאליו פחות התחברתי.כמו כן "
2009-10-18 Image Vincent Caponi at "Trends PA-10 Tube Preamp is an affordable and compact hybrid Swiss army knife type of preamp. "
2009-10-15 Image Nick Whetstone, in English "It surprised me a little just how much improvement the change of valve made."
2009-10-15 Image Astor Ng, AVMagazine "外形小巧得如手掌般大小…"
2009-10-06 Image Florent GALLI , in English "PA-10 is a surprise. It is so brillant that you can challenge all the great preamplifiers."
2009-10-06 Image Florent GALLI, in France "et bien c'est vraiment une surprise. Il est presque aussi doué que la plupart des grands préamplificateurs du marché actuel…"
2009-09-15 Image Richard Austen, "I would say this is a good decision in a headphone system."
2009-09-15 Image Ljubisa Miodragovic, Hi-Files Magazine "Hrabra ideja.Dinamika. Prilično čista zvučna slika…"
2009-07-15 Image Astor Ng, AVMagazine "震音能完完全全清楚感受到,整體上三度空間感更大,而人聲同樣相當突出.."
2009-06-15 Image Todd Arthur, "…the most economical way to enter the world of true high fidelity headphone system"
2009-06-08 Image Stuart Andrews at "the price/performance ratio on the PA-10 is hard to beat. "
2009-03-15 Image Ghislain Prugnard at French What Hi Fi Magazine "C'est certainement un des meilleurs amplificateurs pour casque que nous ayons ecoutes ces demiers mois.."
2009-02-15 Image Nick Whetstone, in Italian "PA-10 è dunque promosso…"
2009-02-15 Image Nick Whetstone, in Englsh "it's a thumbs up for the PA-10"

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Image John Chan at 《AV Magazine》 “…Trends Audio TS-10靚聲發燒小組合”