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Mac mini+iPad vs macbook pro?
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TOPIC: Mac mini+iPad vs macbook pro?
Mac mini+iPad vs macbook pro? 9 Years, 5 Months ago  
Mac mini+iPad vs macbook pro?
Because windows can suck no more than what it already does, I am looking into joining the Mac family. I am on the road a lot and do photography so I figured that the mini has the power and portability I need and pairing it with an iPad would be nice since it too is quite portable and can be used as a media sharing device and an ebook reader which is more comfortable than reading from a laptop. Plus I have a 22 inch monitor that I plan to use when not on the road.

The macbook pro is an all in one but I hear it has some overheating issues.

Would a mac mini+ipad+keyboard and mouse be a good idea? or should I just go for the macbook pro? (15 inch by the way)
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