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Trends Desktop Hi-Fi Systems (Editors Review)

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2011-12-28 Image John Darko at in Austrailia "... this package system will still sound seriously forthright"
2010-12-15 Image CAS音響發燒《AV雙周 》 “…. Trends Combo10組件齊備,實用及擴充性相對較高。”
2010-12-15 Image CAS音響發燒《AV雙周 》 “低頻澎湃,高音的笛子聲清脆…”
2010-12-15 Image CAS音響發燒《AV雙周 》 “《十八般武藝》起始時的中樂聲很結實…人聲表現最突出.”
2010-11-02 Image Christian Rechenbach at Einsnull in Germany "...Sie suchen die kleine Einsteigerlösung, um vom PC Musik für die Anlage aufzubereiten? Oder zum Mitnehmen für Kopfhörer oder Miniverstärker? Bitte schön, hiermit haben Sie eine!"
2010-09-22 Image Andre Marc at “I had so much fun with the Trends combo, it almost seems to good to be true.”
2010-07-28 Image 戴名揚 at《AV雙周 》 "這套組合展現出理想的音色,最適合放在房間接駁電腦,聽歌打機兩相宜….”
2010-01-11 Image 小武 at《AV Magazine》 "TA-10.2P後級及UD-10.1 USB音頻轉換器, 外形依然以細小體積示人,而價錢…”
2009-12-31 Image James Vesey, Gramophone. Read the review “I enjoyed my time with these compact, affordable products from Trends Audio…”
2009-09-15 Image Richard Austen, "The combination offers quick transients, nice dynamic range, and a crisp clear open presentation favouring the midrange"
2009-03-15 Image Editor, HIGH END 2009 in Germany "High end but not high priced audio products"
2008-12-15 Image Dan Frakes , Macworld Magazine "Getting high-quality digital audio out of your Mac is challenging"
2008-03-15 Image Mirko Roccia, Applicando, "qualita audio eccellente di tutti i componenti;ingombri minimi"
2007-11-15 Image Brett Gideon, Tone Magazine. "...One of the nicest computer-based hi-fi systems I've yet encountered."
2007-10-12 Image "to use PC for better audio experience than going for individual Hi-fi music system"

Trends TA-10 Class-T Stereo Amplifier
Image Lucio Cadeddu, ! (Italian version) "Raccomandato? No, semplicemente dovete possederne uno"