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UD-10.1 USB Audio Converter(Transport & Headphone amp.) (Editors Review)

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Editors Reviews | Users Reviews

Trends UD-10.1 Lite USB Audio Converter
2011-05-30 Image Christiaan Punter at “…. A very affordable USB-S/Pdif interface that doubles as DAC.”
2010-06-11 Image Christopher Lim at The Business Time! "…audibly smoothens music with harsh sibilant sounds, and adds a bit of bass and a touch of mid-range warmth”
2010-01-19 Image Joël Chevassus, “ an affordable way to feed your existing external DAC or the open digital input of your AV receiver directly from your Mac or PC…”
2009-09-15 Image Richard Austen, "the system sounds good, is relatively inexpensive, is highly portable, easily upgradeable "
2009-08-15 Image Matej Isak, "It is a big little man in world of quality audio reproduction!"
2009-07-15 Image Michele Surdi, "Trends Audio UD-10.1 Lite, David vs Goliath"
2009-05-15 Image Rolf Winter, image hifi Magazine "Ganz locker spielt etwa der kleine Lite mit Akkus besser, im Sinne von reichhaltiger, als der grobe Bruder ohne."
2008-11-18 Image Campbell Simpson, "a fantastic and well-priced device for turning your PC into a high-end sound station."
2008-11-16 Image Kevin Hung, "Trends Audio's UD-10.1 Lite Makes Music Sound Better"
2008-10-15 Image Nick Whetstone, " It's certainly one of the best, and most cost-effective ways to start experiencing PC audio! "

Trends UD-10 USB Audio Converter
2010-12-29 Image Marc Philip at in French “je dirais que ce produit excelle comme convertisseur USB interface à numérique.”
2010-12-29 Image Marc Philip at in English “I would say that this product excels as a USB interface to digital converter…”
2010-01-19 Image Joël Chevassus, “a small elegant and discrete device which enables you to use your PC as a high quality desktop station or drive your hifi system with a complete set of digital outputs…”
2009-06-15 Image John May, Music Lover "Trends is a genuine high-end performer and will provide years of listening pleasure "
2009-05-15 Image Rolf Winter, image hifi Magazine "Absolutes High End sind die beiden Knirpse zwar noch nicht, aber dafur unglaublich praktisch"
2009-05-02 Image Leo Yeh “小葉”, "想在 High End 主系統上聽到存在電腦裡的音樂,那麼 UD-10.1 的確是個便宜又大碗的選擇!"
2008-12-08 Image Martin H. Sabag , " נותן תמורה מצוינת לכסף לאילו מכם אשר מחפשים כרטיס קול איכותי ולא יקר למטרת שמיעת מוזיקה בסטראו Trends UD-10.1"
2008-11-19 Image Campbell Simpson, "With its extra, professional-level outputs the UD10.1 might be the AV accessory you've been searching for."
2008-11-09 Image Chris Connaker, "Computer Audiophile conclusion = Add To Cart."
2008-06-28 Image David Price, June 2008 Hi-Fi World "Trends Audio UD-10.1 a surprisingly mature hi-fi product,"
2008-01-15 Image Ghislain Prugnard, What Hi-Fi French Magazine. "meilleure qu'une carte audio integree. excellente passerelle entre un ordinateur et une chaine hi-fi, "
2007-12-15 Image Roger Kanno,, "...not just for the convenience, but for the better sound. The UD-10.1 is that good."
2007-11-28 Image Miodrag Vasic, HiFi Cafe, "i dvoboj PC V CD ostaje za neku drugu priliku."
2006-11-15 Image Steven Stone,Enjoy the Music. " Trends UD-10 is simply a must-have for anyone with a computer-based recording or playback system."
2006-11-05 Image Nick Whetstone, "Yes, I'm highly impressed! "

Trends UD-10.1 Lite USB Audio Converter
Image Christiaan Punter at “…. A very affordable USB-S/Pdif interface that doubles as DAC.”