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Trends TA-10 Class-T Stereo Amplifier
2013-03-14 Image Music Lover at “ sounds better."
2012-06-22 Image Trends fans at “…. I challenge anyone to suggest a better system for under $400!”
2011-10-26 Image mad goat at “… is a perfectly realistic achievement which provides you with an accurate sound reproduction at a silly affordable price!"
2011-05-06 Image Music lover at in Nederlands “…. sound more sophisticated and better connections + easy modding”
2011-04-02 Image scorpio at “….. it sounds just as good to me.”
2011-03-14 Image Music Lover “….. one of most likable product that I listened.”
2010-12-07 Image Walid Mohanna ...I got the amp last week and I just wanted to let you know that I am extremely pleased with it!
2010-11-29 Image William Keith at in English “How can this little $150 intergrated amp sound as good as my McIntosh $4,000 intergrated amp?”
2010-11-15 Image Music lover at in English "...I was pleasantly surprised by the how low in the base department this pair can get and I was also greatly impressed by just how much detail and musicality"
2010-05-31 Image HibouProfane at “…it's one of the best audio purchases I ever made. Serious!”
2008-02-26 Image, "Wireless Audio with Trends Audio TA-10K"
2007-08-06 Image "more fun for Trends Audio TA-10 Modding"
2007-07-26 Image Trends TA-10 amp is easy for modding
2007-07-01 Image "The TA 10.1 is a great little amp "
2007-06-25 Image, Audiophreak. "high quality amps like the Trends TA-10.1."
2007-05-31 Image Refefer. "Trends Audio is the strictest music maker"
2007-05-02 Image "Fantastic product."
2007-03-10 Image "Enjoy the music with Trends TA-10"
2007-03-05 Image Jeg tror sagtens man kan drille sine hifivenner lidtK
2007-03-02 Image "Good combo for Trends TA-10 amp & Trends PA-10 pre-amp"
2007-02-19 Image "when i plugged in the Trends I was shocked at what this mini integrated can do."
2007-02-19 Image I found the Trend to be a much better product
2007-02-01 Image "The best Class T amp in the market "
2006-10-28 Image behoort dan weliswaar niet tot de absolute top maar is voor deze prijs echt een koopje.
2006-10-24 Image "...Very nice right out of the box. Smooth top end."

Trends PA-10 Headphone/Pre Amplifier
2012-02-03 Image Trends User at “…definitely a very good amp for the price”
2011-05-20 Image 超級外星人 at “…. .發現了部胆機仔的威力 ”
2009-11-15 Image Harry Saini ,at "very 3-dimensional; very smooth and full-bodied with good resolution and air."
2009-04-22 Image Vernon at "a tube preamplifier and two power amplifiers which sounds wonderful. "
2009-02-21 Image Nahaz at "Detta är en fantastisk låt, en av mina favoriter och PA-10 gör den klar rättvisa."
2008-12-31 Image "This amp should be a lot of fun to tube roll with."

Trends UD-10.1 Lite USB Audio Converter
2011-01-06 Image Читать далее at in Russian "Hi End с ноутбуком ..Маленькая коробочка обеспечила великолепное звучание."
2011-01-06 Image Читать далее at in English "Frankly, I'm pleasantly surprised by its sound..."

Trends UD-10 USB Audio Converter
2010-11-25 Image Yanfeng at “…. 電腦HIFI: 窮人, 懶人, 面向未來的人的不二選擇。”
2009-03-13 Image Spur07 at “….. it does very well.”
2008-07-09 Image "My little UD-10 is a first generation product...Truly remarkable sound. As a PC transport, it is tops."
2008-01-19 Image, Part 2. "Highly recommended! "
2007-10-29 Image "Trends Audio UD-10.1 Gets Me A Little Deeper Into Computer Audio"
2007-10-11 Image " It really is an extraordinary piece of hardware. "
2007-07-22 Image "Trends Audio UD-10, wow! PC Convert"
2007-07-19 Image Absolutely no contest...Trends Audio UD-10 is now a new favorite gadget of mine
2007-04-18 Image "For the price, best USB to SPDIF converter I have heard,"
2007-03-13 Image "planning on just stereo for the PC, this is a good investment IMO. "
2007-01-11 Image "UD-10 is far better than M-Audio Transit."
2006-12-19 Image "Trends Audio UD-10应该是这个价位上USB -> 数码的最好选择…"

Trends TA-10 Class-T Power Amplifier
2010-05-06 Image Mathias Boesgaard at “Trends Audio - Class-T effektforstærker…..”
2010-04-23 Image sky176 at “…可以同d過萬蚊擴音比”
2010-03-13 Image quinlan at “The Trends Amp is an amazing product”