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Trends iPhone-Fi (Editors Review)

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Editors Reviews | Users Reviews

2011-01-21 Image Audiogon Bill at “….. have been written up all over the planet, praising both sound-quality and build-quality.”
2010-07-02 Image Marc Philip at "…Le prix : 630$, c’est un second « Best buy 2010>>”
2010-07-02 Image Marc Philip at in English "…suggest to anyone with a modest budget who wants to buy a sound system of audiophile quality worthy of the name”
2010-05-14 Image Theo Tap Chí Nghe Nhìn at "" Trends TA-10.2…. The magic box "
2010-05-04 Image Andre Marc at "Trends TA-10.2 for iPod or iPhone...real sound staging, midrange clarity and jump factor"
2010-01-29 Image 音響專家Kan Keung, 《e-Zone 》 ““iPod 膽機聽得很Classic…Trends Audio PA-10膽細聲大”
2009-12-01 Image Steve Hui, Apple Daily Newspaper, "發燒音響, iPhone膽味濃…"
2007-03-03 Image jimmyfergu at “….. definitely more bright, sounded a clearer.”

Trends UD-10 USB Audio Converter
Image Martin H. Sabag , " נותן תמורה מצוינת לכסף לאילו מכם אשר מחפשים כרטיס קול איכותי ולא יקר למטרת שמיעת מוזיקה בסטראו Trends UD-10.1"