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PA-10 Tube Headphone/Pre amplifier (Users Review)

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Editors Reviews | Users Reviews

2012-02-03 Image Trends User at “…definitely a very good amp for the price”
2011-05-20 Image 超級外星人 at “…. .發現了部胆機仔的威力 ”
2009-11-15 Image Harry Saini ,at "very 3-dimensional; very smooth and full-bodied with good resolution and air."
2009-04-22 Image Vernon at "a tube preamplifier and two power amplifiers which sounds wonderful. "
2009-02-21 Image Nahaz at "Detta är en fantastisk låt, en av mina favoriter och PA-10 gör den klar rättvisa."
2008-12-31 Image "This amp should be a lot of fun to tube roll with."