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[2018/03/29]"The PA10.1D SE is best sounded in combination with K701 and DT-880.", raved by Marko Pecotic at

If you look for an affordable Tube Headphone amp. or Tube Preamp, new Trends PA-10.1D Tube Headphone/Preamp. will be your best choice.

Here’s what industry expert Marko Pecotic is saying about Trends PA-10.1D Tube Headphone/Preamp.

" If I would describe this amplifier in a couple of words, I would say: fast, dynamic, full and big sound... (deep and voluminous) at the expense of light closure in the Middle Ages. It is important to emphasize that the bass has no irritating boom-boom effect, it does not dominate over the rest of the spectrum.

The great piano sound sounds very good. Big, fast (good timing) and dynamic sound. Given that it has a somewhat denser medium range, it will not deliver tiny fines and microdynamics (nor do I expect it to amplify this price range), but there is a good definition and separation of keyboard keys, great space (great sound), excellent dynamics, attack, sustain, good timing etc.

All music genres sound very good. The sound is sufficiently detailed, large, dynamic. No pie. Electric bass guitar or double bass misses a clearer distinction of each tonal and each single wire, here is more emphasis on meat and bass volume.

The symphony orchestra sounds great, the instruments have a full body, a slightly more pronounced bass stimulates the dynamics and transitions of the orchestra, but with a lesser focus of instruments within the orchestra.

Read Marko Pecotic's review at here

Start at US$299, Trends PA-10.1D Tube Headphone/Preamp will be your best value for your high-end headphone and let you enjoy the tube sound.Please Contact an Authorized Trends Reseller or Trends Audio Sales,alternatively you may Login to the Customer Area and order Trends PA-10.1D Tube Headphone/Preamp today.