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TA-10 Class-T Stereo Audio Amplifier

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Bias Setup

Offset the DC bias voltage of the speaker terminals (for professional user only)

There are two blue adjustable potentiometers (Rt) for offsetting the DC bias voltage between the positive (+ve) and negative (-ve) terminals of each channel. Offset this DC bias voltage can enhance the purity of the sound and minimize the “pop” sound when power on and off. The DC bias has been pre-set in factory. But after run-in for a period, it would be slightly changed that the fine-tuning is needed.

Before you tune these, you need a screwdriver (take off the case), a small screwdriver (turn the screw of the potentiometer) and a (digital) multi-meter to detect the DC bias voltage.

1.Use screwdriver to take out the two top level screws in the front panel & another two screws in the back panel. Then, open the upper case.
2.Power ON the amplifier.
3.Use the multi-meter to detect the DC voltage (200mV) between +ve & -ve terminals of the RIGHT channel.
4.Turn the screw on the top of the LEFT (near the front panel) potentiometer by a small screwdriver clockwise or anticlockwise until the voltage as close as to ±0mV.

5.Then, repeat step 3 and 4 for the LEFT channel by turning the screw on the top of the RIGHT (near the back panel) potentiometer.
6.Power OFF the amplifier
7.Cover back the upper case and tighten the screws.