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Audio & Video Cable

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Trends Audiophile Silver Comparison Table
Model: CQ-201 CQ-207 CQ-221
Function 3.5mm to RCA Cable RCA Splitter Cable RCA Audio Cable
Conductor: Pure Silver Pure Silver Pure Silver
Braiding Shield: N/A N/A N/A
Plug: 1 x 3.5mm plug~ 2 x RCA 1 x RCA ~ 2 x RCA 1 x RCA ~ 1 x RCA
Plug Material: 24K Gold-Plated 24K Gold-Plated 24K Gold-Plated
Overall Diameter: N/A N/A N/A
Piece: 1 1 pair 1 pair
Snack-Skin Sleeve: No No No
Ferrite Ring Noise Filter: Yes Yes No
Color: White White White
Package: Gift Box Gift Box Gift Box
Weight: 0.2 KG 0.2 KG 0.2 KG
Length(Price in US$): 0.47 m(US$68) 0.47 m(US$119) 0.47 m(US$95)
Length(Price in US$): 1 m(US$88) 1 m(US$145) 1 m(US$109)
Length(Price in US$): 1.5 m(US$119) 1.5 m(US$185) 1.5 m(US$129)
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