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TA-10 Class-T Stereo Audio Amplifier

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Trends TA-10 Class-T Stereo Audio Amplifier

Trends Audio introduces the mini-size Class-T stereo amplifier TA-10 providing up to 2x15W output with the bundled AC power supply unit. Thanks to the Tripath's proprietary Class-T Digital Power Processing (TM) technology and our special techniques in circuit design and component selection, TA-10 achieves the sound quality of high-end HiFi but in a very affordable price. TA-10 performs very like Class-AB amplifiers with high fidelity and warm sound. Yet, its power efficiency and physical size is just like Class-D amplifiers. Even it's maximum output power is only 2x15W, TA-10 is actually powerful to push even the floor-stand speakers with sufficient and good control of bass sound.

Audiophile amplifier is no longer "The Larger, the Heavier & the Hotter, the Best Sound"!!!
This is a revolution technology among these several eras of the audio techniques. Though the product is only in a palm size, the sound quality is audiophile grade. Yet, the price is only one tenth of the same quality amplifiers. It is totally broken the tale story that “the larger, the heavier, the more power consumption, the hotter, the best sound amplifier”. We shoot down the audiophile amplifier in the high sky. Let more audiophiles, music lovers or even PC/Mac users can enjoy the high fidelity music in an affordable price.

Audio techniques are at a standstill
The Hi-Fi user should know that though the CD, SACD, DVD-Video, DVD-Audio, EVD, HDV, Blue-Ray DVD, etc… audio video storage and replay technologies are ever-changing, the basic amplifier technology has no change for 60 years. The most popular Class-A, Class-AB, and Class-B amplifiers are several eras’ technology. Only the production technologies of electronic components and accessories improved. The basic technology and sound quality has no revolution improved. The later developed Class-D amplification technology though has the advantages of mini-size, energy saving and low heat; the sound is not very good. It can only apply for the low-end audio composites, Television, active multi-media speakers. It’s difficult to reach the field of audiophile. That’s why “the larger, the heavier, the more power consumption and the hotter, the best audiophile amplifier” is becoming a truth by most audiophiles in these eras. Recently, even more audiophiles go back to play tube amplifiers.

Class-T amplification broken the bottleneck
Trends Audio’s TA-10 applied the well accept Tripath’s proprietary class-T audio amplification technology. This integrated the class-D digital audio signal processing technique (PWM) with the Class-AB power amplification into a small IC. It has the mini size, low heat advantages of Class-D amplifiers and also has the high fidelity sound quality of Class-AB amplifiers.

Ingenuity Design + Audiophile Materials
Besides applied Tripath’s class-T technology, Trends TA-10 also put much effort and applied much proprietary techniques into the circuit design, components matching, sound tuning and even the case grounding and shielding. Additionally, we applied audiophile electronic components, wholly aluminum case (light, stylish, good shielding from interference), standard gold-plated sockets, high-quality AC power supply. All of them significantly improve the sound performance.

For circuit & function design, there are much more thoughtful functions for audiophiles:
  1. Separated amp unit & power supply: It reduces the mutual interference and also let audiophiles freely to match different power supplies as they want. The 12V lead-acid rechargeable battery should be a good alternative (battery provides purer DC than electric network).
  2. Separated analog ground and digital/power ground to reduce interference. The proper decoupling and shielding by the case further reduce interference. The purer sound and silent background achieved.
  3. Added the DC Offset tuning circuit (Left-bottom side of the picture) to effectively reduce the DC between the speaker terminals down to 1mV. It further improves the signal noise ratio.
  4. Simply reset the jumper to (Left side of the picture) skip the volume knob and related circuit to change the amplifier as pure power amplifier. You can then add a tube or transistor pre-amplifier before to increase the driving power and to tune the sound.

There are two products for TA-10 Class-T Stereo Audio Amplifier

1. Trends TA-10.1 Mini Class-T Stereo Amplifier(with 3A Power adaptor)

2. Trends TA-10.2 Mini Class-T Stereo Amplifier(with 3A Power adaptor)

Trends TA-10.2 SE Mini Class-T Stereo Amplifier (with 4A Power adaptor)

- SE* = Special Edition. TA-10.2 and TA-10.2 SE use same the body. TA-10.2 SE applies 4A Power Adaptor.
- Only use supplied power supply or Trends PW-10 Power Supply Unit.