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TA-10.2P Class-T Power Amplifier

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1. I am planning to use 3 sets of Trends 10.2P power amp. as final stages within my 5.1 Home Theater System. So I'll use one for the front channels, one for the rear channels, but I was wondering how to connect the third Trends 10.2P power amp. to the center channel. Shall I connect it using only one output channel, say the right? Or I need to make changes inside the amp?

Ans.: No need to change anything in the amp. It is correct that the center channel uses one output channel (say the right) of the Trends 10.2P power amp. And, the another channel (say the left) can be reserved for the passive subwoofer.

2. I would like to use 6 pcs of Trends Power amplifiers for my high efficiency Speaker system in order to use an active digital crossover to high, mid and woofer units. However, my crossover has only Balanced output to the hig,mid and woofer. Is it possible to buy Trend power amplifier with balanced input?

Ans.: There is no room for such a small power amp to add the balanced input sockets. However, the simplest way is to use the "balance to unbalance" audio cable to connect your preamp (crossover) to the power amp which would not affect the sound performance. The detail structure of the cable is as the attached picture. The #4 or #10 connection would suitable for your case subject to your crossover balanced out is XLRs or 6.5mm plugs.