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Hi-Fi Systems

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Trends Combo One
To setup a good-sounding, compact tube-and-solid-state amplification system or a great-sounding Bi-amp solution, Trends Hi-Fi System will be your right choice!!!

The Trends Combo One couples our highly acclaimed Power Amplifier and Tube Preamplifier with a dedicated power supply. The Trends TA-10.2P Power Amplifier has received critical acclaim world wide as an audiophile "best buy." Combining this amp with our equally acclaimed Trends PA-10 Tube Headphone/Pre Amplifier makes the Trends Combo One the perfect way of integrating your CD player, desktop, iPhone/iPod/iPad or Smartphone into your audio system. Sound quality this good is now available in a size and price that you can afford, and is no longer the exclusive domain of larger "audiophile" systems.

Trends Combo One Hi-Fi System includes:
  • Trends TA-10.2P SE Class-T Power Amplifier(body) x 1 pcs
  • Trends PA-10 SE/GE Tube Headphone/Pre Amplifier(body) x 1 pcs
  • Trends PW-10 PSU x 1 pcs
  • Trends CQ-121 Audiophile Audio Cable (0.47M)(1 Pair)

There are two products for Combo One products including:
1.Combo One SE Hi-Fi System(incl. 6H23n Tube in 6DJ8/6922 series)- US$699 (Original Price:US$838)
2.Combo One GE Hi-Fi System(incl. 12AU7 GE Tube in 12AU7 series)- US$699(Original Price:US$838)

Or simple to select Trends TA-10.2P and Trends PA-10 package (without PW-10 PSU). Start US$419, it includesTrends TA-10.2P power amplifier, Trends PA-10 Tube Headphone/Pre Amplifier and Trends QB-773 Audiophile audio cable and you would enjoy warm, comfortable tube sound and saves space, electricity, as well best of all, sounds great.

Trends TS-10 Hi-Fi System & Trends TS-10R Hi-Fi System
Combine with the award-winning Trends TA-10.2 SE Class-T amplifier and Trends SA-10 Speakers, making Trends TS-10 Hi-Fi System perfect for integrating your CD player, PC/Mac and Smartphone into your audio system and achieves the sound quality of high-end Hi-Fi but in a very affordable price. It includes:

There are two products for Trends TS-10 Hi-Fi System including:
1.Trends TS-10 Hi-Fi System(Tweeter on Central) - US$465(Original Price:US$524)
2.Trends TS-10R Hi-Fi System(Tweeter on Left & Right) - US$465(Original Price:US$524)

- Individual AC adaptor for each product (i.e. TA-10 & PA-10) is not included in Combo package. All Combo Package use one power supply unit PW-10 only.

Trends UD-10 USB Audio Converter
Image Nick Whetstone, "Yes, I'm highly impressed! "